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UI Design

UX Design


E-commerce car parts and service.

When it comes to your automotive store website, you want a presentation that reflects your passion. Since your customers will have the same kind of passion about cars as you, the main design focus was to keep them coming back. Along with a responsive web design, outstanding graphics, an organized site map and easy filters, is an automotive e-commerce website that focuses on our target audience. We provide intuitive navigation, and maintain branding consistency, while keeping your homepage simple with crisp and clean product images. The idea is that the customers can focus on the products, rather than getting overwhelmed by the chaos that may be found on other websites. These are just some of the things I would recommend to my clients to have the best user experience.

My role

I was responsible for the experience strategy and design of the web and mobile platforms. I led the UX work, producing all major deliverables and presenting these to the client. I worked alongside with a team of developers who focused on the implementation.

Main Tasks

1. Research
2. Building the Project Vision
3. Customers Insights & Ideation
3. Design Execution and validation

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